How can you use UPS Locator to find locations near me

UPS near me – Welcome friends, I think UPS or (United Parcel Service) is now not a new word for you, 6 out of 10 people if asked randomly are well aware of the UPS and its services available worldwide. UPS with its timely delivery and quality services are gaining popularity day by day. If you want to use the UPS services than you need to rush to the nearest UPS location to avail their services. And to find the nearest UPS location either you should be familiar with the location where you need to use UPS services otherwise you may have to face difficulty in finding nearest UPS location. To overcome this situation UPS provides the UPS locator service which helps in finding the nearest UPS location.

UPS locator service not only helps people in finding nearest UPS location but also save their time and also many other services are provided by the UPS locator. UPS Locator app also provides you the map assistant to reach the UPS location nearer to you. And you can easily select the easiest way to reach the UPS location. Sometimes if we are at new place and we need to dispatch any parcel in emergency than no other than UPS can prove to be the best option for you but you are not familiar with that location and then you will have to enquire from local people and can be victim of false information but in case of UPS locator this can never happen as UPS locator is official service of the UPS and they keep it updated time to time. If you are new to UPS then this article will help you in getting all information related to the UPS locator along with the service offered by UPS locator.

What is UPS Location?

UPS or United Parcel Service one of the prime delivery networks started from the new York city in 1930 is now spread all over the world. UPS services were so effective from the beginning that its closest competitor USPS have to face the wrath of it from the beginning. UPS location service is very common service provided by the UPS. UPS location is the location of the UPS service stores in the different regions of the world. And to track the nearest UPS Location near you UPS provide UPS locator facility. By using UPS locator service one that is stuck in any new place and wants to use the UPS services can also use UPS services by locating nearby UPS store.

What is UPS Locator?

As discussed above UPS provides facility to track the nearest UPS location to ease your work in dispatching your parcels on time. This service of finding your nearest UPS location is known as the UPS locator service. UPS locator helps in easily finding the UPS store near you in just a few clicks or access to the internet. UPS locator service Is an official service provided by UPS. It helps in saving your time in manually finding any UPS location near you and in other sense also save your money. In this article, we will be providing all details related to the UPS locator and simple guide to use the UPS locator service it will help you in using UPS locator service. Follow the below-mentioned steps to track nearest UPS location. To use UPS locator service you need Internet access, if you have active internet connection then proceed as mentioned below

  • Visit the UPS official website by clicking here
  • Now on the right side, you will see a list of the continent select one of yours.
  • You will see a list of countries select your country or you current location country.
  • Now you will be redirected to the UPS home page of your country.
  • You will see “location” tab in the upper right corner on the new page click on that and you will be redirected to the new page.

ups near me, ups locations

  • Now it will ask you to enter your current location city or will ask you to use your location to show nearest UPS location.
  • Enter your location and it will show you the list of available UPS location at entered location select the one which is more comfortable for you to reach.
  • You can also select the various stores based on your requirement. All stores options are given there; you can apply filters and get the desired
  • You will see a list of options present there 1) UPS near me 2) UPS locations 3) Find a drop off location and some more options.
  • If you are looking for drop off location only then choose to Find a drop off location and it will show you the drop off locations results only.

Note: this is the general service only to find the UPS location near you to find UPS location with specific services you need to filter the result.

Specific Services Options Locator Provides to find UPS Near me:

UPS locator service provides a number of services to ease the work of their customers. In his articles, we have tried to explain all these services with their uses and how to use those services in detail.

Pay for a UPS shipping label

This service is used by those customers who need shipping labels for delivery of their packages. UPS locator will show you the locations where you can get the Shipping labels. The shipping label is used in the shipment of the packages so; it is an important part of your package. You easily have to select the ‘pay for a shipping label’ option and UPS locator will show you the list of stores nearby you having shipping label facility.

Help with packaging my shipment

This is one of the most widely used UPS services by their customers. This service provides helps in packaging your courier package. If you want to avail this UPS service then follow the steps to find UPS location near you and refine results to the ‘Help with packaging my shipment’. And it will show you UPS locations which have this facility only. This service is generally used by those customers having short of time this service save their time of packaging the courier package. Steps to use UPS locator to find the nearest UPS location is given in above paragraph.

UPS Worldwide Express Freight Center

These UPS service center provide all facility to handle your UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipments. These are the staffed service center provided for the help of the customers. But your shipment has following features

  • Product package should be International
  • The package should be Stackable
  • Product package should be Secured on a pallet
  • Product package should have followed all UPS packaging guidelines

These centers available near the airports for the convenience and timely delivery of your international packages. What you have to do is to simply drop off your packages at the nearest UPS center. And UPS locator will help you in finding a nearby UPS store which provides express freight shipping facility. Hours of operation of these center may vary according to your location you can filter these center via UPS locator for your better convenience.

Location type

As clearly visible from the image provided below the next option is of ‘Location type’. Click on this tab and it will open up with a list of various UPS stores you can select one from them as per your requirement. Suppose you are in search of UPS access point then select the UPS access point box from there and UPS locator will refine the UPS access point locations for you in the surrounding of entered location.

UPS Location 1

Now I will explain about all of the UPS location in below articles just have a look for detailed info about each UPS location.

  • The UPS Store

UPS store is the UPS service stores available with almost all of the UPS services like of help in the packaging of the parcel, national as well as international shipping of parcel, office related supplies, even you will get the material related to the packaging at these UPS stores location. UPS store staff is also keen to help you in packaging and many other works for your better convenience.

If you are looking for UPS store near you then you just have to select the checkbox provided in front of The UPS Store and UPS locator will show you the list of available UPS store near your entered location and you can easily get there and avail their services.

  • UPS Customer Centers

We have often heard of many customer care center and are well aware of the type of services provided by the customer care center. UPS also has many UPS service center spread in various part of the world. These UPS service center provide packaging materials and also helps in the packaging of your courier as per the guidelines of the UPS. These service centers are very useful in case of last minute dispatch of any parcel. If you are looking for UPS service center near you then you just select the option of UPS customer center And UPS locator will show you the list of the available UPS service center near you.

  • UPS Drop Boxes

UPS drop box location is a place where you can leave your package or parcel for delivery at the destination address and also can pick up your parcel from there. When you leave your parcel at any drop off location UPS driver collect that package from there and deliver it to the destination address. Sometimes if we are out of town or busy with our office schedule that we don’t have time for the receiver of the package then you can schedule your package delivery at nearest drop off box and can get your package from there. You can leave your national as well as international packages at the UPS drop off location. But before leaving your package you must check that your package or parcel meets the standard requirement mentioned by the UPS. To find the nearest UPS Drop box location select UPS drop box from the location and UPS locator will show the nearby UPS drop off locations.

  • Retail Chains

There are various UPS retails chains available which also provides the UPS services. These store outlets provide national and international shipping of products from their store. These stores are not totally governed by the UPS but work as UPS counter. To know the location of these retail chains select the retail chain option from the location menu and UPS locator will show all available retail chains available near to your location.

  • Authorized Shipping Outlets

These shipping outlets provide a wide range of UPS services to their customers. These services help the local person to avail the UPS services near them, but the price of the services may vary according to their locations as these shipping outlets are independently owned and operated by one. If you have to drop any parcel immediately in last minute, then I think price merely matters for timely service. To find the nearest UPS authorized shipping outlet location select UPS drop box from the location and UPS locator will show the nearby UPS drop off locations.

  • UPS Access Point™ Locations

UPS access point location is the UPS store outlet run by the local business owners. These stores provide most of the UPS services such as Drop off and pickup facility for your parcel. These stores provide the flexible working hours for the ease of the customers. People with busy schedules are more benefitted from these UPS access point stores. If you are searching for UPS access point location then select the UPS access point location option as shown in the picture given here and UPS locator will show all available UPS access point in your surroundings.

  • UPS Access Point Lockers

UPS access point is almost same as the UPS access point location the thing that makes it different from the UPS access point is additional security features. So, if you have to dispatch any important parcel very safely then you should choose this UPS service they even deliver your parcel safely in the crowded regions. These stores are also available in your neighborhood. To know their exact location you need to select the UPS access point lockers from the location options and UPS locator will show you the list of available UPS access point locations. You can select the one more comfortable to you and reach there to dispatch your parcel.

  • UPS Alliance Locations

UPS alliance locations are those private stores who have tied up with the UPS to provide the UPS services at their store. These locations have UPS counter which helps in the shipment of national as well as an international parcel. Their charges may vary from other official UPS stores as they are an alliance of UPS not the official body of the UPS. These stores are very helpful for the local residents of that location. If you are looking for UPS alliance location for then select the UPS alliance location from the location menu and it will show you the desired result.

  • Other Services

The last option present in the location tab is other services. Under this category, all remaining services come if you don’t want to use all above-mentioned services than you can select this option from the location menu.  Services offered by this feature are listed below with a short explanation of each:

UPS Location

  • Purchase Packaging Supplies– if you need to purchase the packaging materials than you can opt for this service from the menu.
  • Copying/Faxing– at this a UPS location you can use the copying and faxing facility to use copying and faxing facility select this service.
  • Office Supplies and Services– as the name signifies these UPS locations are useful for you if you need office supply materials.
  • Notary Public Service– to use the notary public service you can visit this UPS service location by selecting in the UPS locator.
  • Crating– crating service is basically a packaging of your shipment in a crate in order to keep it safer. You can choose this service if you have any oversized shipment package and need to ship in hurry then crating service is a suitable option for your choice. All these carting operations are carried out by the experts so there is nothing to worry about your package.
  • UPS Returns– these UPS locations are useful for those who are looking for the UPS package return service.
  • Mail Box Rentals– to avail the UPS mailbox rental service you need to select this UPS location.

You can select any of these above-mentioned location services according to your requirement and rush to that location in an easier way and lesser time.

Specialized Services and Programs

Another option present on the left side of the image shown below is specialized services and programs. Click on the + sign present in front of the Specialized services and programs and a drop down menu will appear. Now you need to select the one service you are looking for and the UPS locator will show you the service location. The services available in the drop down menu are explained below with a little explanation of each.

  • Packaging & Shipment Guarantee service:

This service includes the guaranteed packaging and shipping of your parcel. This service is different  from simple help with packaging service in such a way that if your parcel is damaged or lost on the way to the destination than the UPS will be responsible for your product and you will get reimbursed value of your product along with all cost incurred in packaging and shipment of the package. This service is only provided by the UPS store. So in case you have to dispatch some precious package then this delivery service is much useful for you as they provide the guaranteed packaging and delivery of such packages. To find this UPS store with this special service just select the Packaging and shipment guaranteed service from the drop-down menu and UPS locator will show you the list of available locations nearby you.

  • International Shipping Expert:

if you need to ship any international package and you are not aware of the rules and regulations to be followed in order to ship your package then just find an International shipping expert at the nearest location and reach there and it will help or assist you in shipping your package and will help in completing all other formalities in easier way. Their guidance will make your work easier as they are appointed to do assist the customers in their international shipping matters. To find the nearest international shipping expert in your locality just select the option of international shipping expert from the drop-down menu and UPS locator will find the nearest international shipping expert for you in your locality.

  • Apple Returns Program service offered by UPS:

This service is only for the apple users. Suppose you have purchased an apple product and now you want to return that product then this service can be helpful for you. What you need for this is prepaid shipping label of that product and rest work will be handled by the UPS. Apple users generally use this service for return of their apple product. If you are in search of this service then just select this label from the drop-down menu and rest work will be completed by the UPS locator and you will be displayed the list of available UPS store having this facility near your entered location.

  • Saturday Service:

This service is for those customers who have busy work schedules and don’t get time to dispatch their parcel or receive your parcel. They can schedule drop off or pickup of their parcel as per their convenience and use this service. To use this service one must have to select the Saturday service from the drop down menu and UPS will show the nearby UPSA location.

All these special services are offered by UPS to their customers. And these services are also popular among their users especially Saturday service is most widely used service by the busy schedule person. Because of all these special services UPS is gaining popularity day by day and is able to expand service worldwide and hope in near future we will see some more special services by UPS for his customers. UPS is also planning to setup new stores and location in most of the part of the world.

  • Location Filter service

Below Special services and products, you will see the option of location filter and a + sign in front of it. Click on that + sign and a drop-down menu will open. You will have to select any of the option provided there according to your requirement of the services. Below we have explained a bit about the services offered under the Location filter service option.

ups near me locator

  • Staffed Locations:

Staffed location is the UPS location where UPS staff helps the customers in packaging, labeling or any other services to be done before final dispatching. These services are basically for the new customers and for those who have busy schedules can get help from the staff in packaging and labeling of their parcel. To search for the Staffed locations you need to select the Staffed location from the drop down menu and UPS locator will show you the list of UPS stores with staff location facility.

  • Bill My Account:

This is the service provided by some of the UPS location to pay the shipping charges using their UPS account number. To search UPS stores with these facilities available select the Bill my account option from the drop-down menu and UPS will show you the list of UPS store with Bill my account facility.

  • Accepts Shipping Tickets:

This facility is very rarely available at any of the UPS store location. So if you want to avail this service you should be aware that at which UPS store this service is available or you can know by selecting accepts shipping tickets option from the locations menu.

  • Accepts Restricted Articles:

At every UPS store, each type of articles is not permitted to deliver each package delivery system have some rules and regulation which every customer have to follow to get their order get delivered. And the packages which are not in that range are known as the restricted articles and for these articles, this service is the beneficiary as it delivers the restricted article too at their destination address. So if you want any restricted article to get delivered then you must be aware of the UPS store location which offers this service. You can know that UPS store by selecting Accepts restricted articles from location drop-down menu and UPS locator will show you that UPS store along with their address.

  • Only show locations within option:

This is used for confining your search limit to a specified range of distance from your current location. You need to select the range of area in which you are going to search for the UPS store location and UPS locator will show you the results concerned with that locality range only.

ups locator

  • Only show locations with drop-off times by:

This service provides the flexible drop off facility at your nearest drop off location. This option comes with three sub options and each sup options have their own sub options or drop-down menu. Let’s see what these three sub menus have:

First sub option has different options available for what type of service you need at the drop off location you have to select the service from this menu

ups locator 1

In the second sub option, week days are provided to select for you can select any week days according to your comfort ability.

ups locator 2

In the third sub options, the choice for the time is given you have to select the time at which you need this drop off location facility.

ups location near me

After selecting the options from all the sub options enter the search button and UPS locator will show you the available UPS drop off location in you locality at the same day and at the same time as entered by you in the options. Pictures will help you more in understanding how to select the service, week day and time for the drop off location.

  • Only show locations open:

By reading this service name you must have got the application of this service. This UPS locator service helps in finding the open UPS stores at any day or time. This service also has some sub options in which you have to fill the day and time on which you want to know the list of open are UPS store nearby your entered location.

ups location near me 1

  • Click On ‘Find’ button and continue.

These were the services offered by the UPS locator service. You can select the one which you need to use for your package delivery. Enter your locality address and select the service you want to use from the drop down menu available on the left side of the page.  You need to select the service and special services according to your requirement and finally click on the find button and you will see the desired list of UPS service stores in your location.

ups find location

If you want to know in detail about any of the shown UPS stores then click on that UPS store on the map and complete detail of that UPS store will be on your screen. This complete detail will include the full address of the UPS store along with the contact numbers, closing and the opening hour of the UPS store, drop off time hours and the list of UPS services facility available at the store. You can print or email this result for your future reference. There is also an option present to give the feedback for the UPS store and it helps in further improving the services.

find ups location

The result shown can be sorted according to the nearest location, open time, closing time, and drop off time by ground and by air or express. Sorting the result will help in ease in selecting the one most suitable for you. Now UPS locator service is available for the Android as well as the apple platform and it also allows the navigation feature on the UPS mobile app.

ups find location 1

Once you have placed your order via UPS service. UPS provides facility to track your order from the packaging stage to the delivery of the product. Tracking facility of the shipment allows the user to monitor the each activity of their parcel up to the time when our package get delivers on the destination doorstep. UPS tracking service has become also much advanced that you will not miss even a single update of your product if you are subscribed to a mobile number to your shipment. We have discussed in detail about the UPS tracking system in our previous article you can visit that article for more detail on UPS tracking system by Clicking here.


UPS services with their quality services are spreading their network throughout the world. UPS has made various services available for the benefit of their customer and has more than 40000 worldwide stores. In this article, we have given a brief introduction to the some of the special services offered by the UPS and how to know the UPS stores location by using UPS locator service provided by UPS. The complete guide to using UPS locator in step by step mode is given above in this article. After going through the above article you will be clear with how to use UPS locator service what you need to enter in each step and how you can track different store location by using UPS locator. Once you will enter your location in the UPS locator it will show all the UPS service locations available near you and you are in a need of a specific service of UPS and not aware that which UPS store may have that service available.

Then UPS locator can help you in getting that particular service store out of the all UPS store locations available. We have discussed each of the services location which can be easily tracked by using UPS locator and how you can find that location by using UPS locator service. How you have to filter the results shown by default and find the desired result. It’s not all that tough what you need to do is to read the above article carefully and you will find it very easy to find any specific UPS service store in your location. If you have any query related to any topic explained above then you may leave your comment below in comment box.